Journal Identity

Jurnal Edukasi Ilmiah Kesehatan (Junedik) (e-ISSN: 2986-7894) is a leading broadcasting journal serving a large readership. This journal is published by Edukasi Ilmiah Indonesia Junedik is a fully refereed magazine for significant professionals dedicated to discovering, understanding, and distributing health field knowledge with a solid scientific, theoretical, or philosophical basis. The journal strives to advance the quality of research by publishing original works on health, particularly healthcare delivery, organisation, management, labour, policy, and research methods relevant to nursing, midwifery, and other health-related professions. Junedik recommends international interventions that seek to improve the reliability and value of research literature in health care. The journal aims to illuminate the health knowledge base and improve patient safety by developing and circulating core nursing practice concepts, representing them in nursing diagnosis and standard nursing language, and promoting their clinical use. Junedik welcomes papers that contribute significantly to international health or nursing knowledge, including concept analysis, original research, review articles, historical perspectives, clinical cases, and challenges, as well as educational, informatics, and policy initiatives that advance international understanding and development of nursing as both a profession and an academic discipline. Junedik's mission is to promote health excellence in nursing for the well-being of the healthcare community and society. It is an open-access, blind, peer-reviewed quarterly journal published in April, August, and December. Archival Policy: All articles were published online.